Pulaski Association Members at the 60 Million Congress in Miami
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Members of Pulaski Association at the 60 Million Congress in Miami

Published February 15 , 2022 


The 60 Million Congress - Global Polonia Summit is a series of international events that brings together key business and political leaders as well as cultural and community activists that are connected to the European Union, Poland and the Polish diaspora. 

The name of the conference reflects the overall number of Poles and people of Polish descent around the world, which is over 60 million. The guiding principle of the conference is to provide a meeting platform to exchange ideas, initiate discussions, and offer solutions that will lead to further development of business and political relationships in line with the trends of the 21st century. The 60 Million Congress is a unique opportunity to tap into the potential of the robust network of one of the largest and most widely spread diasporas globally, the Polish diaspora.


The 2022 Miami edition of the Congress featured over 300 business owners, CEO’s, presidents of organizations and entrepreneurs. Some of the most notable guests included the United Nations Ambassador to Poland Krzysztof Szczerski, the eleven people delegation from the Senate of the Republic of Poland including the speaker of the Senate Tomasz Grodzki, President of Rzeszow City, Consul General of the Republic of Poland Adrian Kubicki, President of LOT Polish airlines Rafał Mielczarski,  Entrepreneur and Innovator Alex Lightman and Lobby token founder  Eli Finkleman.

Oskar Kowalski a Pulaski members was one of the speakers at the Global Expansion and Leadership panel where he was joined  by Rafał Milczarski the President of Polish LOT Airlines,  Rafał Brzoska - CEO of Inpost and the sixths wealthiest Polish person in the world and Stefan Batory CEO & Founder of Booksy. The Panel was moderated by seven time Emmy Award winning television journalist Steve Daniels.

Members of the association engaged in a number of networking events including a golf tournament, evening cruise in the Miami Bay and welcome reception in South Beach. The three day event concluded with the 50th Polonaise Ball organized by the American Institute of Polish Culture in Miami.

The 60 Million Congress was co-founded and organized by Gregory Fryc-  the President of the Pulaski Association of Business and Professional Men.  Pulaski members who were present at the congress were Oskar Kowalski, Lukasz Kownacki, Paweł Wierzbicki, Marcin Luc, Eryk Rachwal,  Krzysztof Jakubowicz, Marcin Davidovich and Leon Fuks.


More information about the 60 Million Congress can be found at www.60mln.pl