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At the November 12, 1958 meeting of the South Brooklyn Businessmen’s Association the idea of the need for a new organization was first introduced.
The new association would be opened to professional and businessmen of Polish-American heritage. The stated purpose would be the good and welfare of all Polish-Americans, mutual benefit to members, participate in community affairs and to honor a distinguished Pole annually.


Association name and registration

At the February 1959 meeting, the name of Pulaski Association of Business and Professional Men was adopted. 
The Certificate of Incorporation was formally adopted on the 13th day of October 1959. The original directors were: Stanley Dworanczyk, Vincent Brunhard, Matthew Widlicki, Walter T. Thomas, Alfred J. Bartosiewicz, Ludwig Glowa, John J. Borchardt, Richard J. Gaza and Edward A. Kurmel. The actual Certificate was signed by all of the above and in addition Raymond A. Dobosiewicz, Edward March and Joseph Matulicz. The Certificate was prepared by John J. Borchardt. The By-Laws of the association were prepared by Raymond A. Dobosiewicz. With all of the formalities completed, the organization was now functioning.

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We respect our Members and appreciate their contribution to the development of the association.
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Polish-American business directory

We respect our Members and appreciate their contribution to the development of the association.
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Pulaski History captured in images

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Pulaski History captured in images

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Mariusz "Harry" Konopka - Harry's Five Stars

Published May 6 , 2023 Mariusz "Harry" Konopka is the owner of a great rated Harry's Contracting Company , a construction company rated 5 stars Mariusz "Harry" Konopka has been running his own construction company, Harry's Contracting Inc. for the past 10 years with great success, earning five stars in the rankings of the Yelp portal.
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Roger Kwapisiewicz - Finance Has No Secrets for Him

Published March 24, 2023 Roger Kwapisiewicz was born in New York, but his parents, Grażyna and Krzysztof, are the fourth generation of Varsovians raised in Saska Kępa. That's where Roger, now co-owner of the financial firm Z&R Funding, has spent every vacation, and he can confidently say that he feels at home in both New York and Warsaw.
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West Point Trip For Kids Sponsored by Pulaski

West Point Trip For Kids Co-sponsored by Pulaski Association of Business

Published April 19, 2023 The United States Military Academy at West Point will become the site of the Tadeusz Kosciuszko Day celebration on Saturday, May 6. The day will feature a military parade, celebrations by the Kosciuszko Monument and a open air lesson for students. Pulaski Business and Polish and Slavic FCU sponsored buses for kids from local schools in New York City and Connecticut.
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