At the November 12, 1958 meeting of the South Brooklyn Businessmen’s Association the idea of the need for a new organization was first introduced.
The new association would be opened to professional and businessmen of Polish-American heritage. The stated purpose would be the good and welfare of all Polish-Americans, mutual benefit to members, participate in community affairs and to honor a distinguished Pole annually
At the February 1959 meeting, the name of Pulaski Association of Business and Professional Men was adopted. The Certificate of Incorporation was formally adopted on the 13th day of October 1959.
The original directors were: Stanley Dworanczyk, Vincent Brunhard, Matthew Widlicki, Walter T. Thomas, Alfred J. Bartosiewicz, Ludwig Glowa, John J. Borchardt, Richard J. Gaza and Edward A. Kurmel. The actual Certificate was signed by all of the above and in addition Raymond A. Dobosiewicz, Edward March and Joseph Matulicz. The Certificate was prepared by John J. Borchardt. The By-Laws of the association were prepared by Raymond A. Dobosiewicz. With all of the formalities completed, the organization was now functioning. 

First Executive Board was elected

At the first formal annual meeting in October 1959, the first Executive Board was elected. The results of the election were as follows: 

President: Stanley Dworanczyk First Vice President: Ludwig G. Glowa Second Vice President: Edward Kurmel Financial Secretary: Edward J. Derengowski Recording Secretary: Walter T.Thomas Corresponding Secretary: Victor Makowski Sergeant-at-Arms: Vincent Brunhard 

The honoring of a prominent  Polish-American started! 

With the first Executive Board in place, the first Man of The Year was selected and the organization was proud to honor the Honorable Ludwig G. Glowa. 
Stanley Dworanczyk
Ludwig G. Glowa

Active assist and support of the organization

During the following year the stated purposes of the organization were carried out with financial support given to many charitable organizations. Not only was financial aid given but many of the affairs and presentations were supported. The organizations supported were not only in the United States but also in Poland. 

The Civil Service organizations were also given the whole-hearted support of our organization. The support of the organization was also directed to the political side of affairs with the organization giving their support to Judge Ludwig Glowa and Judge Walter Bayer. This support was effective and both were reappointed. Many of the Polish-Americans that ran for elective office were also helped. 

The businesses of Polonia were not neglected and our organization is proud of the fact that all of our affairs and meetings were held in Polish owned places. With the growth of the organization, the members were not neglected. Lectures and seminars were structured to benefit everyone. The first instance of this was a lecture by the Honorable Roman Lapinski, Deputy Commissioner of the State Liquor Authority. His knowledge and expertise were helpful to those members in that industry.

 During the eighties and nineties our organization continued the work in reaching other organizations requesting assistantce. Most of our meetings took place in Polonaise Terrace, which was owned by our longstanding member Vincent Brunhard Jr. A lot of our events organized by Mr. Brunhard were outstanding and memorable for all our members and we are very grateful to him. During those years we cannot forget other distinguished members like Antoni Matrejek the organizations treasurer for many years, Gregory Czuchlewski corresponding secretary, Raymond Dobosiewicz legal adviser, Richard Dworanczyk, Raymond Dzejma, John Bartosiewicz, Joseph S. Czestochowski and Roman Kruk. We should not forget members like: Frank Orminski, Henry Polanski and Leon P. Klementowicz. All these individuals had a tremendous impact on our organization. As a result of their dedication we could continue our charitable activities and step into the new Millennium with new members belonging to the young generation, immigrants from Poland. 

The year 2000 saw a milestone in our organization.

The year 2000 saw a milestone in our organization. We elected Bogdan Bachorowski as president. He is the first Polish born man to head our organization. Instinctively that opened a wave of Polish immigrants to our organization who have helped us grow with their political, financial and charitable functions. 


Over the 60 years, Polish organizations, Churches, Schools, Institutions, Scouts, Veterans, Religious Orders, Artists and more operating in the United States and abroad, have received financial assistance from our organization. We also supplement students from High School to college with an annual scholarship program where we give away nearly $10,000 annually to students of Polish heritage to assist them in their educational and career endeavors. The scholarship program was reinstated in 2002. Since that year our organization continues its efforts to promote scholarship amongst our young people. To date we have donated approximately $180,000 to students. 

Through our 60year history twelve members have been honored with the title of Grand Marshall at the Annual Pulaski Day Parade along Fifth Avenue. Ignatius Nurkiewicz, Francis J. Wazeter, Martin M. Weglicki, Anthony J. Pierzgalski, Joseph Bekarciak, Alfred J. Bartosiewicz, Vincent Brunhard Sr., Leon P. Klementowicz, Dariusz P. Knapik, Artur Dybanowski, Slawomir Platta and Marcin Luc, respectfully in that order. Many other members have been chosen as Contingent Marshalls representing the neighborhoods they live in or participate in. 


The Pulaski Association of Business and Professional Men Inc. annually chooses a "MAN OF THE YEAR", an individual who based on his character and his contribution to the upkeep of the Polish Community as well as his Polish integrity receives this award in a ceremonial banquet. Such individuals have been selected from the 

Fight for and support of our Polish heritage, nationality, culture, and people.

Following groups of people: Polish Contractors, Polish American Travel Agents, Polish Parishes, Polish Slavic Federal Credit Union and Women of the Millennium. 


Our members are continuing efforts to promote Polish awareness throughout Polish neighborhoods. 


The Republic of Poland recognized efforts of some of our distinguished members by bestowing upon them the GOLD CROSS OF MERIT & KNIGHT'S CROSS OF THE ORDER OF MERIT OF THE REPUBLIC OF POLAND. These distinguished members are Bogdan Bachorowski, Zygmunt Bielski, Vincent Brunhard Jr., Richard Brzozowski, Bogdan Chmielewski. Dariusz Knapik, Romuald Magda, Anthony Matrejek, Frank Milewski, Pawel Pachacz, Piotr Pachacz, Roman Rurak, and Tadeusz Wozniak and Grzegorz Fryc. The order given was to honor these members and was signed by the Polish President. 


Finally, our organization was a staple in the erection of the General Kosciuszko Monument with help of Victoria Consulting & Development, LLC., its president Dariusz Knapik, and Assemblyman Joseph Lentol our honorary member. The monument will be located next to the newly built Kosciuszko Bridge in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 


Our members are always involved in the Polish community and affairs. We truly believe that our organization will continue its efforts to promote Polish Heritage in the years to come. 

Pulaski association mission statement

Pulaski Association of Business and Professional Men is opened to professionals and businessmen of Polish-American heritage. The stated purpose at the initiation of the organization in 1959 was to maintain the good and welfare of all Polish-Americans, create mutual benefit to members, participate in community affairs and to honor a distinguished Pole annually. At that time Pulaski Association was not able to conduct any business with Poland as it was a communist country. When the historical changes finally took place and Poland emerged as a democratic country again the mission statement of the organization has been broadened and it now includes:
  • Providing knowledge, information and know how for Polish companies and professionals looking to establish their operations in the United States. 
  • Providing business communication and crucial contacts for it’s members that are looking to expand their business in Poland and European Union. 
  • Providing networking opportunities and acting as a representative body for common interest of its members in order to support members growth in business ventures and initiatives 
  • Providing sponsoring and investor support for it’s members and assisting them in growing their business opportunities. 
  • Promoting transparency in business and finance and assisting members in legal issues that might be encountered while doing business in the United States or internationally between Poland and the U.S. 
  • Promoting bilateral trade and good business practices between U.S and Poland. 
  • Partnering with business organizations, chambers of commerce and trade unions in order help it’s members to facilitate access to local business administration structures and understanding of regional market and business culture.

Pulaski Logo History

1959 - 2006

This is the original logo of the organization that has been in use from 1959 till 2006. The logo shows New York City skyline in the background which  relates to the birthplace of the organization. In the center of the logo there is a pyramid with General Casimir Pulaski  bust inside. The pyramid symbolizes wealth, power, strength, durability and higher perspective that was intended for the organization by the founding fathers. The Pulaski bust inside symbolizes the organization and it also pays tribute to Casimir Pulaski the Great Polish-American hero that the organization was named after. The logo has a circular red trimming - the color of power - with the organization’s name inside

2006 - 2021

This logo has been adapted by the organization in 2006 and has been in use till 2021.

In 2006 the organization decided to upgrade it’s logo to a more modern form. The logo was kept in a circular format with the letters from the full name of the organization creating the   circle. Inside the Polish and  American flags were added to visually symbolize the Polish-American character of the organization. The Pulaski bust was changed to a full color Pulaski image. Inside a sign Pulaski Association was added in order to reflect the common name the organization came to be recognized by over the years.


In 2021 The organization decided to upgrade it’s logo once again. 

The logo was traditionally kept in a circular format. The trimming was changed to color gold which symbolizes wealth, power, success, achievement , higher ideals and wisdom. Inside the image of General Pulaski  was upgraded to a black and white version to make it more visible and readable by contrast. The Polish -American flags that first appeared on the 2006 version of the logo , were kept and incorporated into the new logo behind general Pulaski. The new logo also features the date of incorporation in order to highlight it’s long traditions and the place of birth which is New York.