Pulaski Business becomes a sponsor of Szulinski Judo Academy.
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Pulaski Association of Business and Professional Men became a  proud sponsor of the Szulinski Judo

Published on January 7, 2023


Pulaski Association of Business and Professional Men started the new year by honoring it's tradition of community service and social responsibilty. The organization donated funds to support the Szulinski Judo Academy. 


The Szulinski Judo-Sambo Martial Arts Academy has a decades long tradition of promotiong healthy life style and activities among the youth in New York City and New Jersey.  Their schools are located in Greenpoint, Ridgewood and Wallington NJ.

As of today their membership consists of over 160 families who send their kids to the academy. The kids as young as 4 years old can start learning judo but the education also involves self discipline, respect, team work building, healthy life style and love for the local community.  The Acadamy also has senior and adult classes led by active judo fighters who compete on national and international competitions.  The Szulinski Judo Academy team has won numerous tournaments, medals and recognitions over the years. 


The Pulaski Association of Business voted to support the academy with a significant donation and become a supporter of the great work that is being conducted by Wojciesz Szulinski and his trainers and coaches.  More information about the academy can be found at their website www.szulinskiacademy.com