Man of the Year gala honoring Richard Brzozowski
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Man of the Year Gala Honoring Mr. Richard Brzozowski

Published June 26,2022


The 55th Man of the Year Gala, hosted by the Pulaski Association of Business and Professional Men is the oldest business event for Polish entrepreneurs in America. Convened annually since 1960, the prestigious business gala honored Mr Ryszard Brzozowski in Russos on the Bay in Queens.


The grand ballroom was filled to the brim with representatives of the largest Polish diaspora organizations in the tri-state area.

The President of Pulski Association of Business , Grzegorz Fryc, thanked Ryszard for his many years of service to the Polish community. He spoke of Ryszard’s involvement in the organization and outlined his contribution to the young members of the Pulaski Association. He has been an inspirational example of outstanding entrepreneur, gentleman, exemplary father, respected activist, and a valuable member of the Pulaski Association. The President took the opportunity to explain that organization, despite the pandemic, has been undergoing dynamic transformation and has increased the number of its members by 30%, welcoming many young entrepreneurs, including some from Chicago, modernized its logo and website, and is undergoing in-depth changes that resonate for decades to come. In its 63rd year, through its membership drive, the Pulaski Association has struck a perfect balance between the younger and the older generations. The President thanked the patrons of the organization, participants of the gala and the organizing committee.

The Consul General, Mr Adrian Kubicki said he was honored to be able to participate in such a unique event, especially the first one after the pandemic. He acknowledged Mr Brzozowski as well as the entire organization and spoke about the strength with which Polish diaspora organizations are developing. He listed the Pulaski Association as one of the best examples of how the younger generation can get involved in the life of the Polish diaspora. He also awarded Mr Artur Dybanowski with a certificate of recognition for his work in the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic.

Mr Ryszard Brzozowski was moved by the award and told the people gathered of its significance. As a long-time and distinguished member of the Pulaski Association, he spoke to the young generation, talking about persistence in achieving goals, discipline and learning from successes as well as failures. He mentioned his late wife and expressed his deep gratitude to the people with whom he had the chance to work throughout his career. He thanked everyone present for their support and for being with him on this great day. Known for his great sense of humor, he added that this award was one of the things that kept him alive in recent years. Since the original Man of the Year gala was supposed to be held in 2020, he added, cheekily “As the famous Polish song goes, I will have to live to a hundred years".

Lincoln Restler – a New York City Councilor from District 33, which also includes the "Polish" Greenpoint, emphasized the importance of the Polish diaspora in New York and the great contribution of the Pulaski Association of Business and Professional Men to the life of the Polish community and Greenpoint in particular. He thanked the organization for the invitation, expressed his heartfelt congratulations and directed some lovely words towards Ryszard Brzozowski. He added that his office is always open to the members of the Pulaski Association and representatives of the Polish community.

"We are delighted with this year's gala. The Russos on the Bay room was completely sold out and it just goes to show how respected and appreciated our organization is. The event was attended by representatives of the important Polish diaspora organizations in the tri-state area, politicians and activists from outside the Polish diaspora. Ryszard Brzozowski has achieved so much for the Polish community and it was a proud moment to see him receive the Man of the Year award," said Grzegorz Fryc, the President of the Pulaski Association.  


Source: Pulaski Association of Business and Professional Men

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