Eryk Rachwal - To Reach Your Goals You Need Persistence and Determination
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Eryk Rachwał, life is a gift that must not go to waste. To reach your goals, all you need is persistence and determination.

The 24-year-old Eryk Rachwał is one of the youngest members of the Pulaski Association but don’t let his age fool you. Since childhood, he has been pursuing his ambitions relentlessly, implementing his life plans as he goes along.


“I realize that this is just the beginning of my journey”, admits Eryk. “I raised the bar high but I’m good at conquering obstacles that stand in my way. Life is a gift and I don't want for it to go to waste”. Yes, he’s young but already knows what he wants. "My worst nightmare would be having regrets at the end of my life", he adds. He has been focusing on his passions so that they become a way of life. “My job is also my hobby”, he says. “In the words of Confucius: "Choose a job you love and you’ll never need to work a single day”.

Eryk loves his job as a real estate agent in the state of New Jersey and he is also the owner of two promotional companies - RBK Promotions (boxing) and Matchday Football Agency (football). He has set up businesses in Poland, regularly visiting his country of birth.


From Podkarpacie to Linden

Whilst Eryk was born in the Sanok region of Podkarpacie in Poland, he immigrated to the States with his parents at the age of six. His maternal grandparents were already in Linden, New Jersey, making things easier at the beginning of their lives in a new country. Although he spoke no English, Eryk started school right away. “I was thrown into the deep end”, he laughs. “But I wasn’t scared, being a curious and friendly child. I was happy to embark on new adventures and meet new friends, and I learned the language quickly.” Like many children, he was able to adapt easily to the new reality and felt right at home in the US after a few short months. “My parents are very caring and always gave me a sense of security. That’s why I think I saw our move to the States as a natural progression”, remembers Eryk. “Today, I know it wasn’t as simple as that. As adults, they had to start from scratch. But they managed extremely well and I’m super proud of them. They’re my role models. They’ve never been afraid of hard work and they never, ever give up, no matter what challenges come their way. I inherited that ambitious streak”. When Eryk was 9, his younger brother Maksymilian was born. The Rachwał family settled in New Jersey for good and today call it home, although Poland is still in their hearts and they’re proud of their heritage. “At home, we only speak Polish”’ says Eryk. „My parents are keen to maintain Polish traditions and I’m grateful for that because it reminds me where I came from. In today’s day and age it is so easy to forget. I attended the Polish school and although I hated it at the time, today I truly appreciate it. Once I have my own children, it’ll be my job to pass these traditions onto them and bring them up Polish. I want them to know their grandparents’ country of origins and understand Poland’s painful history”. For now, these are just plans since Eryk is still an eligible bachelor. With the workload, business responsibilities, real estate and building his own house, he has no time for a relationship. “I do believe that I’ll meet someone good, a girl from Poland would be best so that our kids can be brought up Polish. I would want her to have her own passions and interests. I think everyone should have hobbies. Not having any isn’t healthy for your body or your mind. You should do things properly. That way, you don’t have time to create your own problems.


Following his football dream to Poland

Eryk was always an active child, with passion for soccer. He played so well that he received a college scholarship. He always excelled in his studies and easily combined them with his sports interests. However, after a few weeks, he knew that IT is not his thing. An idea he had developed quickly. Eryk investigated Polish football clubs, wrote a few e-mails, waited for some answers and the rest is history. At the end of his first semester at college, Eryk packed up and told his family he was going to Poland. His parents were not too happy with this plan and tried to talk their son out of it. Dropping out of school and going to his country of birth might have sounded like a good idea but in fact he only saw it in movies. “It is true that Poland was a big unknown. I had a few blurred childhood memories and since moving to America, I only went there once when I was 10”, he recalls. “But I did not listen to anyone, no logical argument worked. I bought a ticket and the invitations from several clubs for interviews and tests gave me hope that I could become a professional footballer, my dream at the time”. At first, everything went well. Things got complicated, though. Because he was not a US citizen and only held a green card, he had to return to the States six months later.


Real estate as a path to independence

When he got back, he began to wonder what to do next. He knew he did not want to return to college, and certainly not to IT. Today he claims that success can be achieved without graduating from university. He played football every day. “It was then that I decided to do a real estate agent course, between training sessions”, he says. “I have been interested in selling real estate for some time. My dad's friend had his own agency and decided to help me. He taught me many things. I could practice with him and watch him work. Soon enough, I was hooked. I made a decision to give up football and to help my younger brother instead. He was also a great player. I, on the other hand, would focus on real estate”. And so he did. At first, things went swimmingly but not everything was what it seemed. Eryk was unable to close any of the promising deals. After the fifth failure, he started to doubt whether he chose the right path. "I started to wonder if I should quit but my ambitious nature stopped me. I gritted my teeth and continued to work", says Eryk. “I survived the losing streak. When it finally came to a successful sale, he jumped for joy. “I remember it as if it was yesterday”, he recalls. “It was a four-family house. And now, when I look at my business, I sell these types of houses - two, three, four family homes and commercial properties. This business is in my blood, I have a natural talent”. Independence is another asset that comes in handy in real estate. Eryk never wanted to work for others. “Working for yourself, you are in charge from start to finish. If I give 110% of myself, it will only be good for me. Working for someone else is not quite the same”, he says. “Besides, when I see the joy of the family that I helped with the purchase of their dream home, I feel great that I contributed to their happiness. But that's not all - he had one more dream. "I wanted to see my name on big buildings in the United States," he admits, laughing. Someone asked him why he didn't become a model since he does have great looks. That way, his image would appear on the billboard next to his name. This suggestion makes him laugh out loud. Modelling never crossed his mind. He adds that he is shy, although it is hard to believe. He bought his first home in two years at the tender age of 22. A year later, he started building another one. Currently, Eryk works under the Century 21 brand but plans to open his own real estate office within a year and expand into Florida. For now, his license only allows him to work in New Jersey.

Brothers and best friend

Whilst he is successful in real estate, the passion for sport remains. Quitting his professional football career meant that he had time for the business side of the sport. He doesn't train as much he used to but physical activity is still important to him. That is why - even though he might be tired, he’ll still go to training. “I want to reach my full potential and be the best version of Eryk Rachwał”, he says.  “A healthy lifestyle is part of it. I know that the human brain takes the easy way out and I need to fight it because I'd rather lie in front of the TV than go to the gym. Fortunately, I win over laziness and do what I have to do”. He also likes to kick the ball from time to time, usually with his little brother. “Despite the big age difference, I consider Maks my best friend”, says Eryk. “He has followed in my footsteps and has been training football since he was a child. He's really good at it. That's why I have so much time for him. We play together and I take him to training every day. Maks is coming to Poland soon to try his hand at football there. Maybe he will succeed where I failed? I will do all I can to make his dreams come true. The desire to help his brother, life in Poland, love for sport, including the business side of things and meeting the Kownacki brothers (Łukasz and Adam), inspired Eryk to set up his two companies. One promotes boxing and the other promotes football. Both are based in Poland, the country of Eryk’s birth. “When I was trying to establish my football career in Poland, I talked to a lot of people and kept an eye on everything around me”, says Eryk. “People said that if I had the right contacts, I would be successful. I didn't like it. I can see that a lot of talent goes to waste in Poland. So when I made some money, I invested it in Poland to help young athletes acquire knowledge. I want to give equal opportunities to those who are talented and willing to work hard.


Passionate about football

And so, just two months apart, Matchday Football Agency was established in November 2021, followed in January 2022 by RBK Promotions, specializing in boxing galas. Eryk's second love after to football is boxing. In the last six months, he has been to Poland four times. He went there to set up an agency and organize a gala in March 2022, together with Kownacki Promotions, where Łukasz Kownacki's protégé – the heavyweight Damian Knyba, won. “The companies can only work well thanks to the team, which is why I have trusted partners in Poland in Matchday and RBK Promotions”, says Eryk. “Maciej Gałat has been a football agent for seven years so I decided to join forces with him. As managers, we negotiate contracts with clubs, we look for new talent, mainly among teenagers. We travel to clubs all over Poland, we watch matches, we evaluate their talent, character and will to fight. When we spot a potential player, we ask if he’d be interested in working with us. If that’s the case, we can represent him. I believe that with time we will grow and conquer all of Europe. I used to play myself, I know people in clubs in the US and in Europe. I know that a lot of guys would like to come to the US to train, and maybe join the club, because the league is developing well here. Besides, for many of them, living in America is still a dream.


Passion for boxing

The idea to set up RBK Promotions was born out of love of boxing but also out friendship with the Kownacki brothers. “I loved boxing from an early age, I always liked to watch fights with my father”, says Eryk. “I also tried my hand at the ring but after a few training sessions I knew that it is not for me. I am honest with myself and admitted that I will not achieve anything here and I didn’t want to waste time. But just like in football, I liked the business side of boxing and because I am a born showman, I saw myself as the organizer of boxing galas. He began to working with Łukasz Kownacki, also a member of the Pulaski Association. It started a few years ago when Eryk, just like the entire Polish community on the East Coast, supported Adam Kownacki, a heavyweight boxer “I followed Adam and his brother Łukasz on social media”, recalls Eryk. “One day I came across an Instagram post by Łukasz that said they needed a cameraman to go with Adam to meetings. With nothing to lose, I replied to the ad, although I wasn’t too experienced in camera work. I was invited to work with them and they liked what I did. The Kownacki brothers turned out to be very nice, we understood each other from the start. With time, I became friends with Łukasz so much so that today he’s like my older brother. He was already involved in the world of boxing, taught me a lot and got me into the industry. Then we began working together in a professional capacity - Łukasz, the Kownacki Management agency brings together players and RBK Promotions organizes boxing galas in Poland and in the United States. The first gala in New York is on May 21. Rafał Biernacki and Michał Olżyński work with RBK Promotions and Kownacki Promotions in Poland. “Without Rafał and Michał, I couldn’t do it in Poland”, he says.


Polish talent on the move

Eryk’s companies help young sportspeople in career development. “I do not want Polish talent to go to waste”, he says. “But I’m selective about who I take on. In sport, talent is not enough. Above all, you need diligence, commitment, guts, perseverance and hunger to win. Champions are made: some people may be less talented but work much harder than those that are born with talent. I don't want to invest in people who don’t give their 100%. Life is too short. Eryk’s own experience tells us that you can achieve a lot with perseverance and ambition. "Until a few years ago, things weren’t yet quite right" he says. “But it is because of my persistence and ambition that I have made a lot of progress. People’s help to get there was also invaluable. I am grateful to my parents for always supporting me, setting an example and providing me and my brother with the best opportunities. I am also grateful to Łukasz Kownacki for being my mentor. A few months ago, Łukasz brought Eryk into the ranks of the Pulaski Association. He liked its history, goals and mission as well as the progressive ideas of the current president, Grzegorz Fryc. “I think I joined the Pulaski Association at an excellent moment since it’s undergoing a massive transformation”, says Eryk. “I meet people who are on the same page. It’s good to meet in such great company, share your experiences and learn from those who are more experienced. I just love it, especially because I like meeting people and talking to them”.

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 NIEMCZYK, LISEK, WALAŚ - RBK Promotions and Kownacki Management present the young talent Polish boxing night in May. Young boxers Damian Knyba (6-0-0), Łukasz Niemczyk (1-0-0), Witold Lisek (2-0-0) and Justyna Wałaś ( 2-0-0) on May 21 will fight at the boxing gala organized by the RBK Promotions group in cooperation with New Mexican Promotions. All players are under the management and promotion of Kownacki Management. Damian Knyba, the Polish youth champion of 2019, the vice-champion of Poland in seniors of 2019 and the bronze medallist of the Polish U-23 Championship in 2017, will appear in the fight of the evening. He is ideal for heavyweight fights - 202 cm tall and a record range of 218 cm. He is the first player to get under the wings of Kownacki Management and a great hope for Polish boxing. This will be his seventh fight in the professional ring. In junior middle weight we will see Łukasz Niemczyk, a multiple medallist of the Polish Championships. He made his professional boxing debut during the boxing gala in Zawonia near Wrocław, organized by the Kownacki and RBK Promotions groups in January 2022. In the welterweight division, Witold Lisek, who previously gained his experience as a player in the MMA club in Chorzów, will fight his third professional fight. Justyna Walaś, a talented super lightweight fighter was also under the wings of the Kownacki Management group. The organizers promise an unforgettable evening full of excitement.

WHEN: MAY 21, 2022



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