Michal was born on March 22, 1960 in Klatki, Poland where he attended elementary school and afterward completed five years of a technical school in the field of construction in Rzeszow. Poland. In 1980, he went to Czechoslovakia to work on a two year project. Upon returning to Poland in 1982, he opened a successful ice cream parlor business. However, Michal was not content and had dreams of greater success.


On November 23 1986, he arrived in New York City. In just three weeks he started working for Yates, Inc. a major waterproofing and restoration company where he was employed as a foreman. In 1990, he became a founding partner in a general construction business. However, in 1993, he decided to be completely independent and formed his own company under the name of Phoenix Building Restorers, Inc. Five years later he started a second affiliated company called Phoenix Bridging, which services scaffolding and sidewalk shed installations throughout the Metro-area.


Michal is married to the lovely Anna, whom he met in Poland and who has been his great partner in both business and private family life. They are the proud parents of Alexandra, a student at Pace University in Manhattan, and Michal, Jr., a student at St. Dominick High School in Oyster Bay. They currently reside in Glen Cove, Long Island.


Since the age of five, Michal had a passion for soccer, and at sixteen played for Resovia Rzeszow. Michal has played for the Polonia Soccer Club in Greenpoint, Bklyn since 1987 and was elected President in 1998. He founded a soccer school for youth and currently the Polonia Soccer Club has over 100 players of all ages. Michal is still to this day active as a player, coach, sponsor, and owner of the Polonia Soccer Club facility.

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